What services do you provide?

Please refer to our Service Description page for more information.

Do I need to provide supplies or equipment?

  • Yes, we strongly recommend you to use your own supplies for a couple of reasons.
    The price of a cleaning is lower, because we will not charge you extra for supplies. Almost all your cleaning supplies can be purchase at your local grocery store (Jewel, Walmart, etc.)
  • Each customer has personal preferences about cleaning products, so customers stay in control of their cleaning supplies. We will not bring any additional products that you may not like or approve.
  • We strongly encourage you to provide your own vacuum cleaner. We don’t feel comfortable with bringing “foreign dust” into your house. Many of our customers have pets (which we dearly love), but also we have customers who don’t have pets or even are allergic to them. We at Precise Cleaning treat our customers on individual bases, and we respect their individual needs or requests.

Do I need to be at the home at the time of cleaning?
No, most customers supply us with a key or garage door combination to their home.
Some customers leave the key under the mat or leave in a “special place.” After each cleaning (if you don’t supply us with a key) we leave a key on a kitchen counter top and lock the door before we leave. Of course, we don’t mind if you prefer to be home during the cleaning.

How do you protect my key?
No name or address is put on a key. We put a special code on your key that is only known to us. Your key is kept with us and is released only on a day of your cleaning. After your cleaning is finished, the key is returned to us. If you are moving or discontinue service, we prefer to personally return a key to you.

Do I have to sign a contract?
We won’t ask you sign a contract, but we do require you to agree to our basic terms and conditions.

Do you guarantee your work?

We stand behind our work. If you are unhappy with our performance, please notify us within 24 hours of our cleaning, and we will return and re-clean the problem area.

How do I pay you?
Payment is due at the time of service. One-time cleaning requires a money order or cash payment. Please, place your check or cash payment on the kitchen counter. $25.00 fee is applied to all returned checks.

What is the cancellation policy?
We understand that sometimes may be necessary to skip your regular cleaning day (vacation, remodeling, painters etc.) We do require a 48 hours notice. If you do not notify us and we are unable to perform a cleaning, we will have to charge you with a $25.00 “lock-out fee.” Please keep in mind that our employees are only paid if the job is done. We understand that sometimes canceling a cleaning may not be the first thing on your mind. That’s why we will give you one free “lock out fee.” If you wish to reschedule for a different day of a same week, we will try to accommodate based on our schedule. If we have no openings we will resume service on your next regular cleaning date.

What if my cleaning falls on a holiday?
You can reschedule your cleaning, or we can skip the cleaning and resume on your next regular cleaning day.

Can I get a specific day or time?
We can provide a service for you for a specific day, Monday thru Saturday morning, weekly, biweekly, monthly or one time only.

How many people will clean my home?
Our policy is to send one and the same service provider into your home. Sometimes, due to an illness, vacation or personal day we would have you to send a different service provider, but we would like to keep those changes to a minimum. Occasionally, especially on Saturday we can send you two people and your charge would not be affected, because of additional person.

Can I hire your service provider directly?
We do sign a contract with all our service providers. In addition we asked you to sign our basic terms and conditions. We put a lot of effort, time and dedication into training our employees. If you wish to employ or you have employed anyone currently employed by us, or employed by us within the twelve-month period prior to such employment we will charge you a referral fee of $1,500.

What if something is broken while you cleaning?
We try to be extra careful while we are cleaning your house. However we understand that accidents happen. We try to be the first one to report any kind of problem, but you should also call us and report a problem. We base our business on honesty and openness and we are sure we can resolve any problems or issues to your satisfaction.