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We can give you a fairly accurate estimate over the phone. However, experience tells us we cannot provide an exact estimate. Our actual price is usually not more than $10.00 over the price quoted over the phone.

Our minimum cleaning service fee is $55 and that would be a charge for 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom apartment/condo.

90 % of our prices range from $65.00 — $90.00 weekly or biweekly..

Please visit our FAQ site to better understand our business as well review our policies.

Call us at any time at 630.688.6240 or use the form below for a free, no obligation house cleaning estimate.

To protect privacy of our existing and potential costumers we do not collect any information regarding the domain or e-mail address that you are using. All information entered below is kept private and confidential and is not shared with third party organizations. We store your information for our private use only when you become a client. If you discontinue our services, we remove your information from our private database, and we will not call you back and ask you to change your mind.

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